gentil is a dance wear house that makes its own designs and produces them in-house at its own ateliers and shops.

We focus on ballroom dance wear, and also original lesson wear, evening dresses, party dresses, and accessories.

We have ateliers in Japan, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Our designers and tailors wholeheartedly sew our dresses, and put their passion in every stitch of the needle.

We have designed a varied lineup. Our premier line “Chisaki Uga” was created by designer Chisaki Uga using high quality materials and delicate designs. Our “S Line” pursues simplicity, it is functional and attractive without being excessive. Lastly, our line “gentil kids” introduces the beauty of dance to kids.

In addition, we do not only sell ready-made products, we also accept orders for dresses that satisfy the specific requirements and measurements of our customers.